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Drugs, Problem Solving Training Equally Effective for Depression

Grief or sorrow over a significant loss such as the death of a loved one, job loss, loss of home, or divorce, requires grieving, which has a therapeutic function and is a way of coming to terms with what has happened. It is a natural and healthy process that should not be forced. One should not be distracted from the acute and painful experience of grief by feverish activity. Drugs, Problem Solving Training Equally Effective for Depression. In this article, we will talk about psychological techniques to help you get rid of depression.

Let your feelings out in tears

Use crying and sobbing to release excess emotional tension. The release of negative emotions will create an opportunity for your subsequent experience of positive emotions. If you find it difficult to cry or talk about your sadness, it is useful to evoke self-pity and sympathy for yourself. To do this, you need to hear or read the story of another person who had a similar problem and experience. To this end, you can use books, movies, music with appropriate themes.

Use music therapy to release feelings

Listening to or playing music will allow you to achieve catharsis, i.e. to reduce and eliminate emotional tension, to facilitate an emotional response. Slow minor music makes it easier to become aware of the experience of sadness and suffering, and helps you achieve confrontation with its sources. 

Dose the expression of emotion

Long conversations about feelings can contribute to an involuntary exaggeration of their intensity. In addition, “heartfelt outpourings” can bore your relatives and friends and lead to a deterioration in relationships. Therefore it is necessary to limit the discussion of your sufferings. Monitor how much time you spend every day talking about your feelings. Thank loved ones for caring and concern about your well-being and inform them that you are currently trying to limit the frequency of expression of feelings. You can also set aside special time for “feeling bad”.

Be mentally and physically active

Actively engage in activities that are interesting, joyful, and require physical and mental dedication. To regain the lost meaning of life, it is necessary to perform activities of high subjective value to you. This activity makes life meaningful and restores the will to live. It strengthens bonds with people and encourages greater participation in social life.

Apply cognitive techniques to combat depression

  • Compare yourself to others who are in a less favorable position than you are.
  • Use positive illusions (self-deception). To do this, retrieve pleasant memories, think of something good, attribute your personal merit to favorable rather than bad events.
  • Imagine another possible outcome of events, much worse than the present one, which can now be evaluated as relatively good.
  • Decrease the significance of the event that caused the sadness by devaluing the lost object; contemplate and emphasize its shortcomings, arrange its symbolic funeral.